1. European Adventure: The Beginning 

Last month, I embarked on an 18 days adventure to Europe. Hitting as many cities as possible. Travelling by train, car and flight. Exploring and soaking in the culture, history and bask in the beauty of its architecture and local delicacies.

Thus, an idea dawned on me that I should record my experience and make a video diary of it. Here’s a sneak peek of Europe through my eyes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it 🙂

10 March 2016

2. venturing vietnam

I spent a week venturing Vietnam and these were some of the best moments of the trip. It was a change of scenery from what I saw in Europe, the culture, practices, people, everything. I hope you enjoy the video! 🙂

31 March 2016

3. Going down under

Spent about 3 weeks touring down under! It was an amazing Graduation Trip. Here’s a little snippet of my time spent there! Enjoy!

13 May 2016

4. birthday surprise

Told a little white lie as to when I was coming back from Sydney to surprise my best friend for her birthday! This was the outcome 🙂

26 November 2016

5. twenty-four hours in brighton-hove

A little day-trip out of London to Brighton, over the summer!

16 July 2017