Crème de la Crème of Sunset Views

Another ticked off the bucket list as I watched the sunset from Oia in Santorini, Greece. I don’t think there will ever be a place on earth with a more beautiful view of the Sunset.

I arrived in Santorini and was greeted by wonderful weather. It was a perfect balance of the heat  from the blazing sun accompanied by cooling winds from the sea. Houses were painted pearly white with sea-blue dome ceilings. The roads were long and winding; the cobbled streets filled with marks of where the donkey’s trotted up and down the uneven paths.

Having arrived towards the end of winter, many of the shops were closed and the streets were quieter than I expected it to be. Nonetheless, I embarked on the adventure of visiting every landmark on this island. Thus begun my drive from Amoundi Bay right down to  the Red Beach.

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I have not seen whiter walls and bluer skies

Drives along the Long and Winding Roads

This road-trip was nothing like any other road-trip I have ever been on before. The winds were coming in at 40-odd km/h or more. I could feel the car shake from within it and see the windows fog up as we approached peaks of the island.

Prior to this  ridiculous wind, we drove up to Oia and watched the ever-beautiful sunset. The blood orange sun reflecting against the pastel colored walls of the buildings that all had a sea-side view. I swore there was nothing more beautiful. Making my way to the top, I found a nice spot, set-up my tripod and recorded what was to be the Sunset of all Sunsets. As  I hid under my hoodie and watched the sunset, my fingers were numb from the cold but it was well worth it.

Creme de la creme of Sunset Views

Creme de la creme of Sunset Views

The sun took quite awhile to set in the initially 20 minutes, but once it kissed the horizon it was within a couple of minutes before the sun was completely out of sight. Those few minutes were without a doubt The Golden Hour. 

Having not been able to head out to sea due to the wind speed that made the waters choppy, creating violent waves. We visited the underground winery, red beach, lighthouse etc. Each spot encapsulated with its own beauty.

Definitely making Santorini a place to visit on everyone’s bucket list.



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