All Things Greek

After the Italian escapade, I jetted-off from Rome headed towards what was anticipated to be the highlight of the trip; Greece!

Greece was a place I have never been to before but have dreamt of for a long while. It’s beauty and stories hidden in their Greek Temples or what remains of em’. Growing up watching movies like Hercules and Percy Jackson, I have always been fond of the mythology that accompanied these sites. Thus, I was beyond eager to finally visit this country.

First stop: Athens. 

Athens 6

This capital of modern Greece is still home to many famous landmarks that have been around since 5,000 BCE. Upon my arrival, I was inundated with rich sights. Right opposite where I stayed was Zeus Temple and just to my right I could see the Acropolis of Athens in all its glory.  The excitement in me grew in volumes and I was ever-ready to put my bag down, head out and explore what this city had to offer. The culture, the landscape, the people, everything.

I took a map from the reception, marking out all the landmarks I wanted to see and planned my next 48 hours.

Athens 2

However, having arrived pretty late, I left the exploration for the next few days. Instead, I decided to have a chill night instead. I strolled around Plaka which was the old historical neighbourhood. Home to many little cafes and stores including Brettos Bar.

Athens 3

Athens 7


The next day soon arrived and off I was exploring as many historical sites as possible. The weather was amazing and that made each site look a 120% more beautiful.

Athens 8

Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis of Athens

Panathenaic Stadium

Panathenaic Stadium

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Athens 10

After which, I visited Piraeus, which is a port city of Athens. With the skies and sea looking so blue, it was breath-taking.

Piraeus 4 Piraeus 3 Piraeus 2Athens 9

Athens is simply lovely with its rich culture and sights. Alongside, their food like gyros and greek yogurt. Overall, leaving a wonderful impression on me!


Jet Lag


So as my jet lag continues to mess up my already horrible sleeping habit; I have basically become nocturnal. Though frankly speaking, I quite enjoy having this quiet time in the wee hours of the morning, when everyone else is asleep. It feels like the whole world is still and that in turn, allows my thoughts to do the exact opposite and that is to run ever more wild and free. Coming up with the oddest ideas and getting inspired from the books that I read or posts that I see online. All of which have been in attempt to pass the time and tire myself out.

Rather than doing so, it has resulted in me becoming more awake. As the adrenaline and flow of ideas, the bursts of inspirations and the excitement as to what they could lead to or how it could turn out, come at me at full-force. Ideas that range from how to improve photography skills, the variety of ways to film (particularly, travelling videos), the range of both old and new books that I should get my hands on or films that I should watch etcetera, etcetera.

I guess this post does not have much of a purpose in some sense. It is just me rattling on as my human brain continues to have thoughts running through it and in my attempt to sort the mess going on in there, I type it out. Trying my best to use the English Language to communicate things on the inside, out.

So as I was saying, I spend my time reading or watching things online or on paper. Tonight I decided to scroll through all of Jacksgap videos right from the very first. During which, I stumbled across the video entitled; YOU.

Before everyone starts screaming at my complete idiocy for not watching this video when it came out in October 2014… Let me be quick to admit that yes I am one and a half years late to the party. Truth is, I did watch this video many months ago but I guess it did not have the same impact as it did when I came across it again today.

For those who do not already know, Jacksgap makes film inspired mostly by travel and this video was something a little different. The way the thoughts were conveyed through the poem really struck out to me.

And so, I leave you with the video and a the few lines from it that I love:

A voice amongst millions uttering a word with a somewhat absurd assumption that you might just be heard.

Regardless of your reason your desire is the same. An innate passion to connect and build your own name because really if you think about it, isn’t that the aim? To communicate and inspire regardless of how vain in an ain some may consider this game.

Cause to be successful two things are required a combination of luck and a deep burning desire. You see, no one gets anywhere without hard work and dedication. A factor that is often missed by these media publications.

You see the creators that I admire are those who have the desire to push and reach another level higher. Those who attempt to break free from the norm, to challenge the often repetitive form.

Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do x

The Italian Journals: Rome (Part 3)

Como e’ bella ce’ la luna brille e’ strette
Strette como e’ tutta bella a passeggiare
Sotto il cielo di Roma

Rome 1

On An Evening in Roma by Dean Martin and the scenes of The Lizzie McGuire movie played in my head, on replay (Yes, that movie was THE movie during my adolescence before I discovered High School Musical and then I found another movie to play on repeat till I remembered every dialogue) as I passed by each beautiful historic site on the city sightseeing bus.

I couldn’t believe it. After thirteen years, I am back here in beautiful Roma! And I could not be more excited than I was to explore and as they say, do as the Romans doI don’t think I can put  into word the beauty of the architecture, the richness of this city’s history and culture (and of course how could I ever forget the variety of Pizza and Pasta available for me to indulge in) as I visited places such as The Trevi Fountain, The Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Roman Forum, Altar Della Patria, Castle Sant’Angelo, Spanish Steps, Largo di Torre Argentina, St.Peter’s Basilica, The Sistine Chapel  etc. The list could go on and on but instead, I will leave you with pictures of this amazing city as ‘a picture paints a thousands words’ blahblahblah. And yeah Rome is just so freaking, bloody, i-wish-there-was-such-thing-as-teleportation-so-I-could-go-back-at-any-point-of-time beautiful.

The Vatican

The Vatican

The Colosseum

The Colosseum

Altare della Patria

Altare della Patria

Castle Sant'Angelo

Castle Sant’Angelo

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica

Rome 2

This is the last of the Italian Journals and I miss Italy already.


(Is that right? who knows but it is suppose to be “I will be back”, in case you wondering!)