The Italian Journals: Pisa (Part 2)

the ocd nightmare. 

Pisa 4 Pisa 3

Pisa 2

So there I was, standing behind the yellow line of the railway tracks at Stazione di Firenze Santa Maria Novella  waiting for my train to Pisa. To visit the oh so very iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa or as I call it; The OCD Nightmare.

This historical bell tower, famous for its tilt has attracted people from all over the globe. I saw and met people from countries and cities I did not know exist, recognizing them from their accents. Even meeting tourists from our neighbouring countries when we are over 10,000 kilometers away from home.

After trudging along the cobbled streets for 15 minutes, I finally  spotted the tip of this magnificent tower (although, it is a lot smaller than it looks). It started to rain as well. And I don’t mean a slight drizzle that you can just avoid with a hoodie on, I am referring to a full on downpour, singing-in-the-rain kind of shower. I have always been quite lucky in terms of the weather when I travel, but perhaps I missed the memo on the rainy season in Italy. So it was not all blue skies and sunshine, unfortunately.

Pisa 1

However, I was certain nothing was going to rain on my parade (pun intended). Braving the weather, I stood in the rain to take the #1 touristy shot I could with this tower as my backdrop. It was none other than either trying to lift the building or push it down. I was surrounded by a sea of people all doing the exact same thing. It was quite entertaining to watch people attempt at this classic shot. From using a finger to hold the tower up, trying to do a handstand or a back flip against it. There was it all. My camera stayed firmly under my coat whenever possible as I wandered through the busy crowds sneaking shots before tucking the camera away. Not wanting it to get soaked in my attempt at the classic shot.

I must add, that the building that surround this tower, the Piazza dei Miracoli has lacked the attention it so greatly deserves. This Catholic Cathedral with its fine architecture has often been shadowed upon and I insist on acknowledging it before I retreat to being the typical tourist.

The days are short in winter, I waved goodbye to this iconic landmark and by the time I returned to Florence, it  was nightfall.


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