London Calling

londonphile; a person who loves the english capital city. 

London 2

It’s about my fourth or fifth time to London and I grown to love it more and more each time. My stay in London has been short having planned to visit other places around Europe, but I made it a mission to revisit all my favorite spots in the following 24 hours upon my arrival.

Parading from Marble Arche to Oxford Street. From Knightsbridge to Covent Garden. The tube had become my best friend as a means of transportation around this city.

My first stop was to have dinner at On The Bab at Covent Garden. It is a little cafe that sells Street Korean Food. Having been introduced to this place last June, I made it a point to return when I was back in town. This time, I ordered On the Bibimbap, On the Buns and On the Roll. They were a variation of dishes that ranged from a mixed rice to a “burger” and something similar to sushi, respectively. Each dish with their own acquired taste but scrumptious all the same.


Soon came the hunt for all the items I have kept a list of since my last visit. Braving the crowd, I strutted down the hustling and bustling Oxford Street. Entering shops like Nike, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Topshop that were all around Oxford Circus, the heart of London’s shopping street itself. After which, I took a walk towards the as voted World’s Best departmental Store, Selfridges. I completely understood why it was given such a title because I found a wide variety of brands in there.

London 5

Shopping should definitely be a sport on its own. After all the walking between stores and floors within the mall. I worked myself up an appetite. Thus, I made my way to Ponti’s which was just opposite from Selfridge. It is an Italian Restaurant and sold quality food. Though it was a slight mistake on my part having not considered the fact I would be in Italy the following week. Allowing me to have Pizza and Pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nonetheless, I ordered a light meal of a Bruchetta and Pasta to share. Wanting to leave an appetite for Burger & Lobster, later on.




Seafood Pasta

Next, I headed to Piccadilly Circus to buy myself some Nespresso Coffee before leaving the last stop to be Harrods. How could any trip to London be complete without heading there?

London 4

Ending off the night with London’s classic Burger and Lobster at Harvey Nichols.



Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

London will always be at the top of the list of cities that I love to visit.  From the architecture to the smallest detail of coffee art demands to be instagrammed or tweeted about. The accent of the people here never fails to makes me melt, making them all the more attractive than they already are. Most of all, the familiarity that I have built through my numerous visit has made me feel very comfortable and safe in this amazing city. Something that takes awhile to cultivate within me, having been a anxious traveller. Often weary of my surroundings.

Please continue to be this wonderful, London. I look forward to more visits in the future.

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