Let’s Go On An Adventure

Travel 2

With access to the web being limited, I write this post from a little apartment in Florence, Italy. It is 38 minutes past one in the morning and I am sat comfortably on the bed in one of the most amazing apartments I have ever stayed in. It is situated in the middle of the main square and is in right in the heart of this old romantic city. From where I am snuggled up, I can hear the drops of rain pitter-patter outside on the cobbled streets. The cold winter air is flowing into the room from the windows I have left slightly ajar and I am feeling very happy.

This is it. Finally, after three long years of waiting. It has arrived. I am officially (apart from the ceremony itself) a Diploma Graduate. I cannot emphasize how liberating it feels to have the weight lifted off my shoulders.

Thus, the first order of business to reward myself after years of hell is to do the one thing I love above all else; travel.

Travelling is of those things in life that I can never get enough of. The world has so much to offer that it would be a shame if I did not go out there and explore and uncover the beauty it beholds . Immersing myself into different cultures through the language, delicacies, traditions and soaking in all that the country has to offer through their beautifully sculptured buildings and amazing architecture.

I left the little Red Dot I call home on the 9th of February 2016 and my first stop was to my favorite city, London. I packed my essentials with me including a few good reads that I can indulge in during my journey between cities and countries. And with that, I jetted-off in my hunt for the adventures that await me.

Travel 1

Having been to London one too many times before, this 14 hours flight did not feel as long as it would normally have. This was all due to the best flight experience I have had, courtesy of my parents. The on-flight stewardess and stewards were nothing short of polite, attentive and very warm. Every few minutes, smiling and checking I’m okay. I slept like a baby and watched many movies including Magic Mike, Pixels (Thoroughly loved this one) and a couple of others, having dozed off in-between. As such, time flew by without me even noticing.

Travel 4

I will be sure to fill in on my London shenanigans and I cannot wait to share more of my experiences as I continue to live out of a suitcase for the next few months xx

3 thoughts on “Let’s Go On An Adventure

  1. corexplore says:

    How exciting! Be sure to take lots of photos and keep us update about your journey!
    Just out of curiosity, what flight company did you use?

    • Rachel Alex-Marie says:

      Will do 🙂 What flight company as in what airline or where I booked my flight from? I flew via Singapore Airlines and booked directly from their airline’s site! I hope I answered your question 🙂

      • corexplore says:

        Yes, that is what I mean, thank you. We will also be flying with them and I heard they were very good, especially economy. :]

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