Best Reads of 2015

By definition, an avid reader is someone who loves to read as much as you can, whenever you can. Well, I definitely do not fall under that category of people. Nonetheless, I enjoy a good book every once in awhile and in comparison to most years, I have read more book this year than I have over the past couple of years.

So I just thought I’d pen my thoughts down on a few of my favorites.

Top of the list would without a doubt be: The Maze Runner Series

This by far has got to the best series I have read ever. And by best series, EVER. I mean the books that kept me up at night and when I told myself just one more chapter it went on for another fifteen chapters or so before I was forced to put the book down. I was so immersed in the book, it felt like you entered the Maze/ Scorch with the characters. Being able to visualize everything and everyone. Having the movie already out when I started reading it enabled me to picture the characters all that clearer.

Unlike most books with the romance between the main character and in this case the one of the only few girls in the book, I rooted for the bromance between Thomas & Newt throughout the series. While most people were torn and emotionally wrecked after reading love tragedies in books such as Dear John, nothing prepared me for the heartbreak when it came to looming page 250 of The Death Cure.

All said and done, it was a series unlike the Divergent or The Hunger Games. From the first page of the book I dived right into the heart and action of it all making it my all time favorite, this year. I am sure that these four books are one in which I would pick up to read again in the near future. It was the kind of book that made “you know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you’ve lost a friend”.

The Girl on the Train was another book that was definitely different from the usual genres that I loved. I picked the book up at a bookstore in Heathrow Airport and started reading it whilst on vacation. The intensity and curiosity that peaked along as the book progressed and the final plot twist that I did not see coming left me in awe. It was the kind of books that I often saw in the movies but never quite as detailed.

Lastly, Where Rainbows End was the typical lovey dovey book that you would expect from Cecilia Ahern. Unlike most of the books, this book was written in letters as it brought me through the rollercoaster ride of the relationship between Rosie and Alex. The almosts but never quite there yet. Of course concluding with the happy ending that I always love to read. Leaving me satisfied that the happily ever after was worth the three hundred+ pages that I had to go through.

These were some of the books I singled out, out of the couple of books I read this year. Just received a few more books (Hello Life, All The Bright Places) that were shipped in from the UK that I am about to start reading once I finish According to YES.

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