Meeting Malfie

After counting down the days for a good two weeks or so, the day finally arrived and I met my favorite youtubers, MARCUS BUTLER & ALFIE DEYES. 

I was without a doubt estatic when the day finally arrived. After rushing down to Suntec City, I had to wait for franny to arrive, so I decided to go get myself a Starbucks to kill some time. When queuing up, the two girls in front of me had bright luminous green bands on. I had guessed their age to be about 17 or so and as such, was quite certain they were going to meet Marcus & Alfie too. When Fran finally arrived, we asked them if they were one of the 150 people who won the meet & greet and true enough they were there for the same reasons as us. We quickly became friends and headed to registration area at the Convention Centre. Let’s just say Suntec City is way too huge.

After registering, Franny & I decided it would be a good idea to try and grab something to eat. At that point of time, we had no idea that we had to walk who knew how far just for a bite. After hunting and searching for the directories we concluded that a sandwich from Starbucks would be the quickest and easiest thing to grab. We frantically tried to gobble down our lunch whilst preparing the gifts we brought for #Malfie.

The girls we met at Starbucks were so lovely to let us join in the queue with them so we did not have to be at the back and as such we reached back the Convention Centre right on time to head on in.

We entered the hall to see so many chairs lined up and sat 4 rows from the front. After another half hour of waiting, the moment finally arrived. Marcus & Alfie walked on stage and the crowd went insane. There was a 14-year-old boy seated in front of me who had an amazing talent for drawing. He Immdiately lifted the potraits he drew of Alfie & Zoella and Marcus & Naomi up, instantly grabbing their attention.

The next 30-45 mins or so went on with an interview about their Youtube lifestory. It even included questions from the audience and Alfie facetiming Zoella & of course Nala which basically made Franny lose her mind if she did not lose it when shouting “PRATA!” when they were asking what to eat for breakfast, of which we are quite sure Marcus heard it considering his facial expression.

It was quite surreal to see them seated up there on stage because they are people I’ve seen on videos watching their daily vlogs for the longest time and suddenly there they were right in front of my eyes. It’s like “WOW, YOU ARE REAL.”




The meet & greet finally began and the excitment continued to build with each person that was done with meeting them. Finally my turn finally arrived and I was awe-struck. They are freakishly tall with amazing accents that could just make me melt and smelt so good. On top of that they are even better looking in r eal life oh gosh. When Marcus said “how’re you?”, I think I might have just reached cloud nine. It was quite unfortunate that they were not allowed to sign anything apart from their books of which Hello Life decided not to be delivered in time (I’m quite certain it would come this week instead, what great timing). What was worse was that two turns before mine, one of the girls that we met was about to ask them to sign their books when the Events Manager stopped them claiming that there weren’t enough time. The disappointment in her eyes and their eyes when they heard that was unparalled. You could quite see the frustration on Marcus and Alfie’s face, as well.

Nonetheless, when my turn came around they were amazingly sweet and genuine. Alfie even added that he liked the photoframe I brought along because it was an extra one I had after making the gifts for them.

After the meet & greet, we decided to continue to busk in their presence and hang around the stage where the M&G was held. While standing at the side, Alfie looked at us, flashed the largest grin and waved, which made us so very happy. We continued to stand there trying to get Marcus to wave at us too. Succesfully doing so. He was about to hug another fan when he saw us and stopped to wave at us too. HAHA.

Overall that was quite literally one of the best days I had in an extremely long while. So thankful for franny for bringing me along to meet them and of course for her company for the entire day.

Yes, I have finished rambling about my fan-girl moments and I will leave it with just a couple of the many pictures I took that day.

Look at Marcus's face please, I think I just died.

Look at Marcus’s face please, I think I just died.

Hug from Marky Butt Butt

Hug from Marky Butt Butt

Hug from Alfieeeeee

Hug from Alfieeeeee





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