Covent Garden & Wandering around the Streets of London

Earlier this year in June, I headed up to London for a little vacation. It was my third time back in the surprisingly sunny UK (probably since it was the start of summer) and I realized I have never been to Convent Garden ever, during my visits there. As such, on the first day out we decided to head on over for a little shopping and dining.

I was joined with Ashley who was our tourguide for the day. We took the tube down to Covent Garden where we had lunch at 21 Covent Garden.  Ordering a heavenly Bianca Pizza (Parma Ham & melted Mozzarella) to share. Alongside bruschetta & a pasta. It was an exceptionally hot day and being seated outside, the sun was burning our backs. However, it was still better than the humid heat that we have back home in Singapore. The ambience in which the restaurant was situated was certainly lively. It allowed for people watching, as people buzzed around during the busy lunch hour, families with kids on a day out as they sat on the cobbled pavements watching street performances and the whif of both savory and sweet delicies made by the large variation of restuarants, delis and bars around. If the food were to have fall short of meeting expectations, the livelihood of Covent Garden Market certainly did not.

Once we felt that we had enough of a tan in the sun, we headed back inside for a look around at the quaint shops all around Covent Garden. From selling choclates to toys to branded items, they had it all.

Prior to heading to Covent Garden, we took a walk along Long Acre, stopping at shops every once in awhile to see if there were anything much to buy. One of the shops included Jack Wills which is basically as British as you can get. As the items inside caught the eye of my parents rather than myself, Ashley & I could not help ourselves to snapping a couple pictures at the empty street opposite the store.

To more London adventures soon!



Convent Garden

Convent Garden

Covent Garden Market Building

Covent Garden Market Building

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